Active Meditation One & Meditation Two (two separate 4 week courses) 

4 week course, 7- 8.30pm Mondays, commences 13th July

Contribution $45 ~ Bookings are essential for our meditation courses. Sessions start on time and door will be closed a couple of minutes later to ensure the integrity of the space. Please arrive 5 minutes early, wear comfortable clothing in layers appropriate for the weather, a yoga mat and a wrap/shawl are a good idea. 



  • Use 'doing' to find 'being'

  • Settle your energy to still your mind

  • Explore and learn different techniques

  • For beginners or experienced meditators

  • Use meditation to connect with your body

  • From movement will come stillness

  • If you want something you have never had before  ...

  • You might have to do something you've never done before

  • Throw out your mind's junk and move towards the light of Buddha-land


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