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Monday, Wednesday and Fridays @ 12 - Mid Day ... click here for schedule and details.


Why Active Meditation?

Modern man is a very new phenomenon. No traditional method can be used exactly as it exists because modern man never existed before. So, in a way, all traditional methods have become irrelevant.

For example, the body has changed so much. It is so drugged that no traditional method can be helpful ... read more


Osho Shop

Osho was an enlightened modern day Indian mystic who became well known throughout the world for his unconventional methods of assisting people to attain to their divine nature. His thousands of talks were recorded on video, audio and in books. Osho's wisdom, clarity and humour have touched the lives of millions of people. His insights are creating the conducive atmosphere for the emergence of what he called the New Man or Zorba the Buddha ... read more



The OSHO International Meditation Resort is a place where people can have a direct personal experience of a new way of living with more alertness, relaxation, and fun. Located about 100 miles southeast of Mumbai in Pune, India, the resort offers a variety of programs to thousands of people who visit each year from more than 100 countries around the world. All Meditation Resort programs are all based in the Osho vision of a qualitatively new kind of human being who is able both to participate creatively in everyday life and to relax into silence and meditation. Most programs take place in modern, air-conditioned facilities and include a variety of individual sessions, courses and workshops covering everything from creative arts to holistic health treatments, personal transformation and therapy, esoteric sciences, the "Zen" approach to sports and recreation, relationship issues, and significant life transitions for men and women. Individual sessions and group workshops are offered throughout the year, alongside a full daily schedule of meditations. Outdoor cafes and restaurants within the resort grounds serve both traditional Indian fare and a choice of international dishes, all made with organically grown vegetables from the resort's own farm. The campus has its own private supply of safe, filtered water. 


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