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Drum Circle and Labyrinth: public art lives

Whole Heart & Hands is continuing to offer services here in Kiama. This includes the Ka Huna bodywork massage, African drumming, counselling (for individuals and couples, addictions, moods and anxiety,) labyrinth walks and other meditations, and other workshops which are in the pipeline. The sense of "family" which has been growing here is cherished and there is a strong commitment to its future. The space here in Kiama will continue to be one where all is welcome, and that you can feel safe, however it is for you when you turn up.

If you "can't" meditate, there are various techniques to help you. One of these is to incorporate an active component which gives the mind something to be occupied with, until it's ready to settle into quiet. I believe that drumming and the labyrinth walk are two of those vehicles towards stillness, and the August labyrinth was a lovely expression of that.